What are bird spikes

Bird spikes are also called roost modification or anti-roosting spike; it is a gadget which consists of long, sharp rods which are used by bird control london companies. Bird spikes and bird netting are mostly used on building ledges, street lighting and other areas with sharp edges. They are mostly used to prevent wild birds such as pigeons from perching and roosting.

Bird spikes are essential low-profile methods to use on parapets, ledges, beams, signs, cutouts, chimneys, lights, and security cameras etc. a bird spike gadget consists of sharp, stainless steel rods and an obvious U.V. impenetrable polycarbonate base, for a long-lasting life while protecting against wild target birds.

Simplicity in installation: The bird spike base can be easily screwed or glued into place. One of two foot lengths are orchestrated for simple brake, obliging any prime configuration.

Benefits of bird spikes

  • Strong and long lasting bird control product.

  • Gentle bird control product.

  • Specially preserved polycarbonate is extremely resistant to U.V. rays.

  • This product will last for up to 5 years.

  • Glued and screwed easily on any substrate.

  • Serve from light to heavy wild bird pressure and constraint.

  • They are very easy to install on curved surfaces.

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